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SULTAN for Council is and has always been devoted to the people. That’s what being a Politician is all about. After years of experience working in NGOs and NPOs to make positive change in the lives of families, seniors and young people SULTAN for Council is now taking it to politics. It’s this intense dedication, passion, and devotion that fuels their fight for change. Explore the site to learn more about the issues that SULTAN for Council is concerned with, their plan to tackle the problems and ways you can join the cause.



If elected by the voters, the he will DONATE 50% OF his SALARY to the charities for the first 2 years of my services.



  • ‘Shame on you wall’ about corrupted city/state officials and agencies who often torment residents. For example, NYCHA and some elected officials often keep residents in deplorable conditions.

  • Free MTA for all (Immediate to public assistant recipients)

  • Elevators to all subway stations: As a partially disable person, I know how it feels to climb stairs in the subway. Hopefully, we can able to help disable and elderly people by installing elevators and other ADA compliant facilities in ALL subway.

  • End Homelessness and restart Section 8 or similar programs

  • Citizen Jury trial for various issues

  • Other issues with the recommendations from the local residents

  • Citizens/Residents should able to record their encounters without restrictions.

  • Legal Assistant grant for the needy people: Often time, poor people including me are being directed to seek help from nonprofit organization. Unfortunately, those nonprofit organization do not follow ethical and professional responsibilities. So, just like ‘One-shot-deal’ regarding housing rent, NYC must implement ‘One-shot-deal for legal assistant’ program.

  • I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter, so I will promote and support all of his Federal policies (


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